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Landeswappen Oberöstereich

About us

The Upper Austrian Future Academy contributes to future competence and responsibility in the region of Upper Austria. It provides impulses for making better use of future opportunities, reducing risks and ensuring social and economic stability as well as a high quality of life. Basic research and trend observation are the cornerstones of this future work.


The Upper Austrian Future Academy is assigned to the Office of the Upper Austrian Provincial Government and to the Governor of the Province, Thomas Stelzer.


The team is interdisciplinary. The qualifications of the staff range from social science and economics to technical and natural sciences. We see this as the prerequisite for developing interdisciplinary topics and projects.

Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board of the Oö. Zukunftsakademie is a cross-disciplinary committee of renowned experts from the fields of research, education, society, culture, technology, natural sciences, digitisation and economy. The members advise Oö. Zukunftsakademie in identifying trends, key issues and solution approaches with relevance for Upper Austria.